Using Scribd to share comments

Scribd is a great site for sharing documents and it is of no surprise that there is a great set of comments available there :

What I like about this set is that there is a section called “next steps” – I really like the idea that teachers are setting targets on how to improve when they write their reports. The drawback of this set is that they are quite short but they are ready for use in Teacher’s Report Assistant – you will just need to paste them in and save them as a .tra file.

Free education comment bank

Dr Peter Fogarty has put together a huge collection of comments to help you write your school reports. All of the statements are based on QCA criteria and he has taken the time and trouble to make them compatible with Teachers Report Assistant.

There are a wide range of subjects available to download or if you make a donation they you can get the whole lot emailed to you :

You can grab what he has done from here :


Welcome to what I hope will be a growing collection of school report comments that teachers can use to speed up the report writing process.

Many teacher spend a great deal of time at the end of year writing pupil reports and this process is often repetitive so why not work together on this ?

Post your reports to me (please make sure you remove the names) and I will share them here for others to use – making all of our lives much easier !